MSR Cricket Bats; New Design For 2016

Premier Elite

The Premier Elite collection features only Grade One Plus English Willow, these bats are handpicked with beautiful straight grain and clean white faces. Very few blemishes can be found on the bats within this range. 

The bats within this collection come with a brand new design for the 2016 season featuring a minimalistic chrome design to really showcase what beautiful bats they are.  

These bats are incredibly well balanced throughout. Knock up and rebound are superb in this range with chunky edges and very light pick ups. 

Our bats are all hand made and all bats are beautifully finished with two layers of polish and a layer of bees wax. 

Premier Plus

The Premier Plus Collection consists of Grade One English Willow Cricket Bats. These Bats are of very high standard and have very few cosmetic blemishes. These bats may have a slightly wider grain than can be seen in the Premier Elite range, however the grain found in this range is still very straight and will play exactly the same. 

The bats in this collection may have up to an inch and a half of heartwood on one side. This is just a darker coloured wood either with a red or brown tinge and has absolutely no effect on the performance of the bat. In fact, most bats used by international players contain some heartwood, and some people argue that it actually improves the performance of the bat. 

The bats in this range may also have some very small cosmetic blemishes. This is purely a visual imperfection and will have absolutely no effect on the quality of play of the bat. 

These bats have similarly to the Elite range very chunky edges combined with very light pick ups and excellent balance. 


The MSR Premier Collection features bats that are Grade One English Willow however they may feature slightly more cosmetic blemishes than can be seen in the Premier Plus and Elite ranges. These blemishes are purely cosmetic and will have no effect of the performance of the bat unless stated otherwise in the item description. 


 The new design for the 2016 season features four colour options, Gold, Silver, Red or Blue, and all have a modern stylish look. 

The bats in this range may have over an inch and a half of heartwood but as in the Premier Plus bats, this will have no undesired effect on the performance of the bat.  

We do also have some stock from our 2015 season which sees a differing design for the Premier Elite, Premier Plus and Premier ranges, however the bats within these ranges still follow these guidelines for the quality of bats within the range. 




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