Caring For Your Bat

Caring For Your Bat

MSR Recommend


MSR would suggest that when you recieve your bat, before use, you apply a light coat of raw linseed oil to the face, back and edges. Clean the bat using very fine sand paper before each application. After oiling lay bat flat for a few hours and allow to dry. 
Anti-Scuff Sheet: 
When your bat is completly dry, MSR would suggest the appplication of the clean Anti-Scuff sheet supplied with all MSR bats purchased from the website. 
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Knocking In:

To ensure a long lasting future the bat should be carefully knocked in with soft old leather cricket balls or a bat mallet. This knocking in should be aimed around the edges and the toe on the face of the bat. Take great care when knocking in as hitting too hard may crack the willow. Avoid bowling machine practice until the bat is fully knocked in. It is impossible to know how long is the right period of time for knocking in your bat, however, the longer spent knocking in your bat, the greater the likelihood of a longer lasting bat. MSR would suggest around and hour to two hours.  

Toe Guard:

Fitting a toe guard to your bat will go a long way towards protecting against severe water damage. 

Bat Cover:

Keeping your bat in a protective case when out of use will help protect your bat from unwanted dents and bumps.
Willow is by its nature a soft wood, that when pressed provides rebound qualities required to strike a ball. Some small cracks are bound to appear on your bat due to general wear and tear, these will not affect the performance of your bat.