2lb 10oz - SH - English Willow Cricket Bat - Grade One - 16 Grain - 528

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Beautiful Grade 1 English Willow

  • This bat is hand made  grade 1 willow.
  • Weight and balance superb - this is what you get when you buy the very best willow.
  • 16 straight grain
  • This bat is  2lb 10oz.
  • Thick edges 
  • Gentle Bow
  • Beautiful Balance.
  • Knock up and rebound is quality!
  • Chunky edges with big profile!
  • This bat is beautifully finished with two layers of polish and a layer of bees wax. 
  • We have the largest selection of English Willow Cricket Bats on EBAY. There are over 1500 in our shop - simply scroll through at your leisure. The bat/s displayed in the pictures will always be the bat that you receive